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Thelema Now! Guest: William J. Kiesel (45 minutes)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

William J. Kiesel is the publisher and creative director of Ouroboros Press. The press works with contemporary scholars as well as translators to provide rare texts to the English speaking world. Listen as William and Frater Puck discuss the internet, bibliophiles and how paper books will never die!

William Kiesel is a book person through and through. He is the publishing director at Ouroboros Press, the founder and host of the international Esoteric Book Conference as well as an ongoing participant in the antiquarian and scholarly book trade [c1990]. His role also includes independent scholarship and public speaking in the complex and intriguing world of esotericism. During his activity in this genre, William has made special contacts with authors, publishers, translators, academics, archivists, editors, distributors and booksellers in the trade. Fine press and book arts punctuate these activities as well as providing experience in manufacturing concerns such as design, typography, paper, binding and presentation. Efforts to promote esoteric works have included printed & podcast interviews, international conferences & exhibitions as well as special event book launches.

Love is the law, love under will.




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